Whether you need a car for your day trip, daily commute, or simple errands

Ry's Rentals has a car for you.

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Meet the Fleet!

Ry's Rentals has been offering personal-use rentals on the Turo platform for over 3 years with a 5-star rating and over 175 trips under our belt. Sign up to drive today and get $25 off your rental.


Once the reservation is made, pick up the car in downtown Baltimore and enjoy your rental!

Pick up your car & ENJOY!


Ry's Rentals has a fleet of 8 vehicles centrally and conveniently located in downtown Baltimore. Click here to see what is currently available or call (443) 266-8700.


Ry's Rentals operates under a first-come, first serve basis. Don't miss this opportunity to rent a car with no waiting and no lines!

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Salih H.

Rideshare rental

"The car was perfect, Mariah is sweet and she communicates so well. Service is so good I haven't gone anywhere else. I approve and highly recommend"

Melissa M.

Personal-use rental

"I’ve rented from Mariah three times and working with her has been great! I’d definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to rent. She is punctual, accommodating and communicates well with her renters. Thanks Mariah!"

Aaron F.

Personal-use rental

"Another awesome renting experience with Mariah. The Ford Fusion is a great vehicle, great on gas and I had no issues . Very convenient and flexible process."

Since 2016, Ry's Rentals has been supplying rental vehicles to the Baltimore city area with no signs of slowing down. Starting with just one car, Ry's Rentals is now a fleet of eight vehicles with plans to grow larger over the coming months. Stay tuned!

200+ Rentals

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About the Owner

Some people have never experienced the annoyance of starting a commute three hours before their shift, 

the time wasted waiting for a taxi that never showed up, 

or being denied work because they do not own a vehicle.

Many people take reliable transportation for granted, but I've seen first-hand how it can change a person's life!

Armed with a public health education and a passion for advocacy, I created Ry's Rentals as part of a much larger series of plans I have to improve access to transportation for those in need.
Stay tuned!

- Mariah C. Getty

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